Quartex Surfaces is a top premium Canadian based quartz and porcelain brand known as the trendsetter in the engineered stone world! Specializing in their unique, bold patterned quartz and porcelain slabs, Quartex Surfaces has been the reliable, go-to brand for the top industry professionals across the GTA. Since establishing in 2015, Quartex Surfaces has perfected their quartz and porcelain collections which contain over 50 colours and 6 different finishes that can suit any project.

Quartex Surfaces quartz are engineered stone countertops built from a combination of 90-94% ground natural quartz with 6-10% resins, polymers, and pigments. These components are essential when forming durable, low-maintenance surfaces with stunning natural looking patterns. Our quartz collection specializes in marble-mimicking patterns that are available in different tones: warm and cool, which can suit any project!